Here my lovely projects

Property Rating Tool

WordPress Frontend
WordPress Frontend
Generated PDF (designed by me)

This project is my biggest and longest freelance project. This project contains a lot of smaller projects which have led to a big whole. It is basically a WordPress plugin which allows the user of the plugin to receive requests/leads for real estate. The end user gets after successful completion of all fields a direct rating about his real estate and then a PDF about the property is generated and sent by e-mail to the end user. For the PDF generation I wrote a separate program in node.js and designed the PDF myself. The plugin has a lot of settings and you can even extend the PDF. Extra new pages up to color changes are not an issue. There is also a license system which is integrated with the plugin.

For both projects (Plugin and PDF Generator) I set up the development environment with the help of Docker. I deploy the PDF Generator myself on a vServer. My customer is responsible for deploying the plugin on the server of his customers. I only make updates and with the help of Bitbucket CI these are automatically generated into a ZIP file and uploaded.

I designed everything using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and XD.

AS - Shop System

This customer does not want the project to be published in detail.
Therefore I will report only superficially about it and there are no images.
It is a shop system with an admin area.
One of the most important features of this project is the integrated importer.
The project was written in PHP with Laravel 5.7.

landingCMS - A small, configurable CMS

Dash (CMS-Area)
Config (Settings-Area)

landingCMS is really a very simple and 100% extensible CMS.
The goal of this project was to create a system that gives the admin the opportunity to create new variables and settings to display them later in the frontend.
It works like a template engine. In the admin there are two areas.
The CMS area and the settings area. In the CMS area there are settings that influence the frontend. Like e.g. colors, fonts. Pictures or texts. In the settings area you can define new settings which can be used later in the CMS area to influence the frontend. Each setting has its ID. In the frontend you have to embed it yourself via PHP code. Thus one can extend the entire CMS as one wants.
Of course it also has a login system and is SEO-friendly programmed.

Written in PHP and Laravel 5.6.
Admin UI is written in Material Design.