Here's is my small bio

I think you already have noticed.

My name is Emre Isik,

Yes, we don't know each other. And that's quite normal, too.
So I'm gonna tell you about me as much as I can.
I was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany and lived there for 17 years.
And there (Germany) I finished my school (Realschule) before I moved to Turkey.
You may have noticed that I don't have any university degree.
And yes, I know that this is often required to get a job in computer science.
Let me tell a small story about me, first.

In my childhood, my father was interested in web development and bought many books about HTML, CSS and JavaScript and he also bought me some, too, because I had the same interest. I started to read and learn and read and learn so many book as I can, until I was fascinated by everything about software engineering and computer science. With 13, I already could write a website in PHP and HTML and some CSS/JavaScript to make it more beautiful. With 14/15, I started to learn Java to write minecraft plugins (in Java) with my friend for his server. And this small footsteps, were my first footsteps to the world of computer science and software engineering.

To come back to my first words. Yeah, I don't have any university degree. But I have a lot of experience, then back then after my first small footsteps, I worked together with my father for his web-design company and then later I searched for freelance jobs and I get a lot. Since 2015 I work as a freelancer (part time). My old and new clients are verry happy to find me.
All my clients later gave me a follow-up project. Some of them still do that. This all is a great thing, because I can learn more and more and give that learned stuff back to all of them in a form of experience.

Today, I have found my strengths in DevOps, because I love both parts.
Software Development and IT Operations. Currently I am working with Rancher 2.0 and Kubernetes to manage all project's deployments and their security. In CI/CD, I automated all things from the simple commit until the deployment in to the test, staging or production environment succeeds. Including all tests and reports. Including all logging and monitoring management after deployment.
Everything went through my hands.

By the way, in parallel, I am learning Golang, because you write less, fast & secure code and then compile to native and (the best part) it provides cross-platform support. What do you want more?